Dave Anderson – Through the Years Volume 1


Songs that Dave has sung through the years on albums produced by bands he has played with. Lots of people remember those bands fondly and the songs are ones played in live shows by bands such as Campbells Country, George Moody & Country Squires, Vegas, Jon Derek & Country Fever & Wishbone.
A trip into nostalgia land, when live bands ruled, and clubs were packed!


Track listing:
1 – Tell Me Why (Bonoff)
2 – Like Strangers (F & B Bryant)
3 – On Eagles Wings We’ll Fly (B Corbin)
4 – Peaceful Easy Feeling (Tempchin)
5 – I Should Have Been True (Malo/Lynch)
6 – Bronco & Diablo (W Adkins)
7 – I Wish I Was In Nashville (McDill)
8 – Amarillo By Morning (T Stafford)
9 – Blue Bayou (Orbison/Melson)
10 – The Rhinestone Cajun Rides Again (P Trahan)
11 – Stand Up (Channel/Rector/Throckmorton)
12 – I Wanna Be The One (House/Kostas)
13 – My Maria (B W Stevenson)
14 – Old Flame (Lowery/McAnally)
15 – Daddy’s Money (DiPiero/Sanders/Siskin)


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