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Cross Country is the ultimate place to come to find out who is on where in the UK as well as where to to find line dance and partner dance classes. It also provides a list of UK acts and advertisements for events, whether they be weekend events, full day or week-long and weekend Country music festivals. Cross Country also continues with its tradition of bringing you the pick of the latest dances.


Our thanks goes to the many Gig Guide contributors who help keep the list up to date, especially Ray Packham, Black Cat Promotions, Sid Randall and Nick Catford who regularly send updates.

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We are currently updating the August and compiling the September 2022 Gig Lists so if you can send in yours please do so as soon as possible. Click here!

Rob says … 8th August 2022

September Gig Guide
The September gig guide has now been uploaded to the website so if you have a valid current subscription that is valid from September onwards you can access it to help plan your Country music events.

British Country Music Hall of Fame
We shall be incorporating the Hall of Fame into the website so all things Country can be found in one place. Watch this space for more information.
High-profile Country music people are asked for their opinions on who to nominate for induction. It is already an impressive list, which will be added to at this year’s CCN Awards to be held at Leisure Lakes Caravan Park, Mere Brow, Southport PR4v 6JX from September 2nd to 4th 2022. The actual awards ceremony will take place on Sunday evening during the show when three acts will also be performing, culminating with The Breeze. Tickets are still available via our website shop. See the Ads section on this website for more information.

170 clubs closed
As previously mentioned I was updating the gig list to include September 2022 and noticed how many clubs were no longer around, either because the promoter had passed on or the building had closed, although sometimes it was due to low attendance. Most of all the Covid-19 pandemic was to blame for the closures, bringing the non-viable clubs to close altogether.
We kept a record of all the clubs that were in the gig guide and and marked off the ones still going so we could keep a check and have found it is nearly 170 Country music clubs that are no longer operating. Some, of course, may not have kept up with the digital magazine but having said that, they have all been contacted along the way to see if they have any gigs, which is something we continue to do when time permits.
It is not only the Country clubs that are suffering, it is the same with all genres and although we have some new talent on the scene I am surprised there are not more acts coming across to Country music.
Things are on the up though, we keep adding clubs here and there so let’s hope attendances creep up the same.

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Now updating the October Gig Guide!
If you run a club or are a Country music act and want the best from the Country Music Scene then you should be thinking about 2023 for bookings. We have received quite a few gig lists for next year so if you want a booking or want to be able to book the act of your choice the sooner you sort it the better. For a look at the artists available via this website follow this link.

We now need your 2023 gig lists so please email them to or fill in the online gig guide submssion form on the website.

Dance – Hot Pick!
Why not send in your Top 10 now and help spread the word. You never know, you may attend a club and want to join in with the latest dance requests. To view the Top 10s click here. To add your Top 10 click here.

Our featured artists can be seen here.  Click here for more.

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To be held at Phoenix Rebels Country Music Club
at Leisure Lakes Caravan Park, near Southport, Lancashire PR4 6JX from 2nd to 4th September 2022.
Full event Earlybird price £35 (booked in advance).

Grass field camping £8 per unit per night (paid on arrival).

Click here to book.

Voting has now closed and counting is in progress.

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