The Smee Brothers (Darren Knight, Tom Collins & Johnny Flinton)


Meet The Smee Brothers who are Tom Collins, Johnny Flinton and Darren Knight, three artists who became good friends during the lockdown and who decided to produce this cd for all to enjoy.


Track listing:
1 – Handle With Care (Sung by The Smee Brothers)
2 – Same Thing Happened To Me (Sung by Darren & Johnny)
3 – Somewhere Under The Sun (Sung by Johnny & Tom)
4 – Our Song (Sung by Darren Knight)
5 – Too Much Monkey Business (Sung by Tom & Darren)
6 – That’s Living All Right (Sung by Johnny & Tom)
7 – End Of The Line (Sung by The Smee Brothers)
8 – A Little Peace (Sung by Tom Collins)
9 – When Will I Be Loved (Sung by Darren & Johnny)
10 – Welcome To My World (Sung by Johnny Flinton)
11 – God On The Mountain (Sung by Tom & Darren)
12 – He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother (Sung by The Smee Brothers)


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